Cherax AllTake Premium Crayfish Food

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The first main food especially created for Cherax in cooperation with the most crayfish keepers of Germany, like  
Roland Emmenlauer,  Kaj Neubauer,  Ronny Necke  
is born. 

Contains a perfectly balanced protein ratio; the animal share is approximately 10%, which means, among other things, maulting minimized problems. Also was the greatest value to the protein source, so arte compliance gammarus and artemia and no vertebrate animal meat has been processed.

This main food, which we use ourselves is also suitable for other crayfish, such as Procambarus and cambarellus types and promotes and supports both the intestinal flora as well as a healthy growth of the animals.
The well-being is vital and humic substances and flavonoids and antioxidants are perfectly tailored with adequate feeding and prevents the typical signs of disease such as rust spots disease. Since the dwell time later created, is thus an optimal supply of nutrients is supported.
All ingredients come from organic and sustainable cultivation and are neither with fillers, such as separation of salts of fatty acids or lock substances such as yeasts, gluten and other questionable substances will be charged. The sticks are in a gentle and vitamin sustaining low temperature process and are suitable for daily feeding.

Here is a small excerpt of the content still substances: nettle, walnut sheet ,Moringa, Chiah, pollen, Seealge, Maca, Hokkaido, oregano, cinnamon, etc.  

Per cherax we recommend a feeding of 1-2 sticks up to 2 times a day. The sticks can be economical and easy dosing and sources in the water after about 3-5 minutes. A stuffing applies it to avoid should also other fodder remains after no more than 12 hours are removed to the quality of the water.  

vegetable proteins/by-products
fruit mix  
ca 10% animal by-products/proteins  
zootechnical additives  
mix of herbs  


  • 5
    Awesome stuff

    Posted by Jason on Nov 26th 2017

    The best crayfish food that exists, even much more better than that copy of C.L.

  • 5
    my crayfish love it

    Posted by michael j on Sep 15th 2017

    My crayfish went nuts for it and I've noticed that they seam a little more active and their shells seam to be brighter in color