Prodibio AquaShrimp Powder + bacter kit soil (shipping included)

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Package includes a 3 liter bag Aquashrimp Powder, a bacterkit for soil an $11.99 value.  Everything you need to completely cycle your soil.  THIS PACKAGE HAS SHIPPING INCLUDED AND SHIPS SEPARATELY FROM OTHER ORDERS

AquaShrimp Powder Information

  • Enriched soil especially designed for shrimp.  Designed to buffer to ph 6.3-6.5.  Perfect for keeping most caridina species of shrimp.
  • The powder texture of AquaShrimp Powder will allow shrimp to lay juvenile shrimp and keep them at the surface of the substrate.
  • AquaShrimp Powder is porous enough to allow nitrifying bacteria to properly colonize the substrate and improve water quality
  • High temperature treatment (around 1200°C; 2192°F) gives its physical properties and allows it to be free of parasitic species which could contaminate the aquarium
  • AquaShrimp Powder is tested by an independent laboratory (microbiological, chemical, and radioactive tests)
  • Each bag is 3 liters, enough for a thicker substrate in 5-10 gallon tanks, or a thinner one in 15-20 gallons