Shrimp Nature GH/KH+ 100 grams

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Shrimp Nature GH/KH+ 100 grams.  Treats Approximately 105 gallons. DOSAGE: APPROX. 5 GRAMS TO 5 GALLONS FOR A GH OF 7, KH 4, CONDUCTIVITY OF 400 +/- 50 MICROSIEMENS


Note: Please Store in a cool dry place, Ziploc bagging is recommended when not in use to prevent caking.



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    Great Remineralizer for Neo Shrimp

    Posted by Jim Burak on Feb 2nd 2018

    Been using Shrimp Nature GH/KH since ealy 2017 and it been great. I add this to my RODI water until I get a GH of 7 and KH 4. A little goes a long way. Better price compared to other remineralizers.

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    Fantastic product at a great price!

    Posted by Mandy Jennings on Sep 21st 2016

    Recently purchased this product and am very pleased. Dissolves quickly, and Erik included very clear instructions, as well as a spoon to use when measuring the product out. Used it for the first time in my neo shrimp tank this week with no issues at all. Thanks!