Shrimp Nature Nannochloropsis 10 grams (sought after phytoplankton seaweed)

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Pure algae Nannochloropsis powder.  10 Grams.


Nannochloropsis for rare and sought after phytoplankton seaweed,

which is prized for its properties.

Nannochloropsis is packed with minerals, vitamins and

wealth of protein and amino acids, can not ignore the considerable

OMEGA-3 fatty quantities.

It's amazing as a dietary supplement for the young and newborn shrimp



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    Powder mix

    Posted by Jeff Lidberg on Sep 20th 2016

    Must add this powder to your rotation or into any powder mixture

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    Why isn't everybody using Nanno with their shrimp?

    Posted by R. Scott Page on Feb 12th 2016

    Shrimpers need to become a bit more savvy about nutrition - and when they do Nanno, Spirulina, and Astax will become staples in their feeding regime. These are natures nutritional gifts to us for our shrimp. Packed with nutrients: antioxidents, vitamins, proteins, and minerals - this is the stuff that health food nut jobs mix in their smoothie. I take better care of my shrimp than I do myself so they get the nanno and I get the ice cream.