Shrimp Nature Orange 30 grams (Promotes safe moulting)

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Orange: Supplementary shrimp food that promotes safe moulting. Natural food designed to strengthen the shell of shrimps, visually enhance color, and minimize problems with moulting.



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    dont use anythig else

    Posted by Joe Theisen on Sep 16th 2017

    These are all I use and I trust them Erik is the man

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    Yup got to have

    Posted by Jeff Lidberg on Sep 20th 2016

    Another food that disappears quickly once it hits the water

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    Posted by Bob on Sep 20th 2016

    My shrimp are all over this. Guess they don't realize it's health food and not candy ;-)

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    Posted by Martin Cueto on Sep 19th 2016

    My shrimp love it and makes them healthier!

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    Posted by Cerissa Blair DelaCruz on Sep 6th 2016

    Excellent source of animal protein. A definite need when you have Tigers! My tangerines and OEBTS swarm these.

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    shrimp love it

    Posted by Pru on Sep 4th 2016

    This is one of my shrimp's favorite food. They swarm pretty fast to this one compared to other foods.

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    Great Food.

    Posted by Uriel R. on Aug 15th 2016

    Been feeding this food for a few Months now and i can say that is a great Supplement food and my Shrimp like it, I feed this food to help them Molt properly. A+ Product.

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    Awesome food!

    Posted by Vang Thao on Feb 13th 2016

    I always feed my shrimps with this as a must to promte safe molt and also developing healthy shrimps in the long run. Food breaks down to peices so shrimps can grab a piece without having a tug-o-war with other shrimp which is a plus for me when you have lots of younger shrimps .

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    Even smells appetizing

    Posted by R. Scott Page on Feb 12th 2016

    Good stuff in the Orange for building thick exoskeleton. Major ingredients include Krill meal and shrimp meal with is both an attractant as well as proteins promoting strong thick shells. Minor ingredients include astaxanthen which is a strong antioxidant promoting health in the shrimp and bee pollen - a valuable ingredient I use in my home made shrimp powder food.