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Shrimp Starter kit (soil,remineralizer, food, net, mineral ball etc)


Product Description

Not quite mega, but still a lot of good products to start your shrimp tank!


1 bag Prodibio shrimp substrate (3l) with Soil Bacter Kit and startup vials to quickly and effectively cycle your tank. More bags can be added by ordering on the site at the same time as this purchase under the prodibio tab, without added shipping .  $39.99 value

1 bottle Vin Gh regulator   500ml                                 $24.99 value

1 Shrimp nature 16 food sample packs                         $31.99 value

1 lava rock covered in moss                                         $6-$12 value

1 3d shrimp net                                                         $12.99 value

1 Shrimp Nature Shrimp ball (water mineralizer)          $9.99  value

1 large sponge filter                                                   $9.99 value

1 shrimp shelter/mini shelter pack                               $5.00 value


I will also include a one time use 25% off discount code to be used on your first purchase of shrimp through the website once your tank is ready and cycled, ( If you were to spend $200 on shrimp, you would save $50, its like getting the kit for $84.99

If purchased separately price would be over $150 shipped.  Available in this package for $124.99 shipped.




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