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ShrimperNet cinnamon spring roll (6)


Product Description

Cinnamon sticks wrapped in all the best for shrimps.
Composition season dependable, currently: nettle, oak
tree, beech tree, dandelion leaves. 1 stick last approx 3 - 4
weeks in normally populated tanks, works perfect as a
"vacation block"

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  1. Fantastic 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jan 31st 2016

    After receiving, I boiled it for a minute but it did not sink at first but did after 24 hours. I did not have a feeding frenzy but have seen all the shrimp go over it daily. It has been in my tank now for a month and most of the leaves are now gone but the cinnamon stick is still intact. This is a fantastic way to add a constant food source without the leaf litter mess. It stays together and even the little ones have easy access to food without competing with the adults.

  2. Long lasting grazer. 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Jan 3rd 2016

    Upon initially receiving mine, I soaked it for a minute in boiling water. It still didnt want to sink until after about 24 hours. My shrimps initial reaction to putting this in their tank was the most insane frenzy Ive ever seen. Once the swarm calmed down, there were steadily 5-10 shrimp grazing on it at any given time. I also noticed my shrimps red color becoming a tad more vivid which is an added bonus. It didnt foul the water at all, and my mystery snails also enjoyed it very much. Aside from getting it to sink, this is a great all around item, and definitely worth having one in your shrimp tank. It has a large enough surface area that smaller shrimps can also get easy access to it and arent outcompeted for food.

  3. awesome product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jan 2nd 2016

    This is a very cool idea. A cinnamon stick with a leaf wrapped around it. The shrimp went crazy when I dropped It in they swarmed it and are of it for days . The next part is that once it's done you don't need to remove the cinnamon it can stay in your tank and provide additional beneficial qualities. I got this as a sample and I will purchase this. After my bank account recovers from the holiday season. Highly recommend this to anyone that's curious