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Beautiful, Happy, Healthy Bamboo shrimp. Approximately 2+ inches in size  These shrimp are known for their ability to filter the water with their hands and feed off the microorganisms and foods they catch.  A supplemental powder type food is recommended.  Price is for 1 shrimp


The parameters we keep them at are approximately PH 7.0, TDS 250, GH 8-10, KH 3-6. They will survive and thrive in a wide range of water conditions. These conditions are often met by simply using your local tap water and treating with a dechlorinator.

Shrimp are peaceful scavengers that do best in tanks with only shrimp. While your fish may not actively harass/eat them, at least early on, shrimp will tend to hide when they see a fish they are unsure of overhead. Shrimp will spend most of their time foraging on the bottom of the tank, on decorations like wood and stone, and on plants and mosses. It is very important to not overfeed them as this can cause your water quality to deteriorate.   Only feed them as much as they will consume in 2 hours. Any leftover food after that time should be removed.