Posted by Erik Lucas on Mar 22nd 2016

Cycling a tank the Shrimp Nature way

I decided to write up this blog because the question i am asked most often is how I cycle my tanks.  I cycle my tanks the Shrimp Nature way, There are only 3 products you need: Shrimp Nature Werwa, Bakteria, and Montmorillonite clay.  Whether setting up a tank for Neos, Bees, or Tiger shrimp i start all my tanks this way.  I add a thin layer of the Bakteria and Montmorillonite on the bottom glass, and maybe 3-4 pinches of Werwa spread out along the bottom.  I then add half the substrate. I prefer a thin layer, no more than 1/2-3/4 inch total substrate depth when done.  I then add the same 3 products in similar amounts as I did for the bottom layer.  I add my remaining substrate to get me to about 3/4 inch total depth and sprinkle all 3 on top again.  I then SLOWLY flood the tank.  If available i like to add a seeded sponge.  I then  add a few leaves like indian almond, oak, beech, guava and bamboo to start them decomposing.  When the shrimp are added they will have a buffet of biofilm and microorganisms to pick off the leaves.  I also like to add some moss and cholla or driftwood at this time, this will give them time to get " seasoned" with shrimp goodies as well.  I ALWAYS allow my tanks at least 3-4 weeks of running before adding shrimp.  Even if the cycle is completed i like to give the extra time for the tank to grow a little algae and biofilm.  The most common shrimp keeping mistake i come across is overzealous shrimp keepers that add their shrimp to their tanks too quickly.  Make sure your tank is " seasoned" and well cycled before adding any shrimp, this will go a long way in maintaining a happy healthy colony.