Salty Bee GH + Basic 700 grams

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Salty Bee basic 700 grams
increases the total hardness
only highly purified salts are used
does not contain nitrate or phosphate
contains all the important and essential trace elements and minerals
dissolves easily and almost without residue
does not influence the pH
prolongs the useful life of the biological system within the aquarium
stimulates moderate plant growth
has a stunting effect on algae growth
alkaline earths,forming the total hardness and natural ratio of calcium and magnesium increase the total hardness and the conductivity
potassium for healthy yet moderate plant growth
micro nutrients enhancing the microbial activity improving plant growth at a moderate speed
iodine improving the molting process in shrimp
phosphate eliminating components reducing algae ,boosting silicates, phosphates and organic carbon sources
enhancing the activity of the microbes
reducing nitrogen and phosphate as they boost the biomass formed by the plants
a complex mixture of organic and synthetic chelators binding to heavy metals like copper,lead,zinc,and so on
protects trace elements from oxidation
contains 24 essential and potentially essential trace elements boosting the microbial activity and the regeneration of biofilms
700 grams treats approximately 1370 gallons of water