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Especially SaltyBee gH+ Premium offers you an unparalleled composition that has the potential to solve many problems. Its advantages do not only comprise an optimized hydrochemistry, ideally fine-tuned to the needs of the most delicate high-bred shrimp, but also lessen harmful germs since they constantly refresh the bacterial flora with beneficial microorganisms, a mild fertilization sufficient for all slow-growing plants and a reduction of the elements that promote algae. As a result, we have aquaria with a very long useful life and a shrimp population that is much more vital and healthy. Small water changes of 10% are recommended.


SaltyBee gH+ Premium as a  multi-functional problem-solver Inhibits algal growth Increases the microbial activity Ousts pathogens  Suppresses germs  Prevents the spreading of diverse disease agents  Increases the well-being of the animals inside the aquarium
 Stabilizes the water parameters Prolongs the life of the aquarium Stimulates moderate plant growth

The beneficial components  in a nutshell:  

Alkaline earths, which constitute the total hardness Potassium for moderate plant growth

Micronutrients that enhance the microbial activity 

Iodine, which safeguards unproblematic molts  

Phosphate-eliminating components that reduce   phosphates and silicates, which further algal growth

Organic sources of carbon that increase the microbial  activity, reduce nitrogen and phosphates as they speed   up the formation of biomass Stable oxygen-giving salts that constantly give off oxygen   to the substrate and the biofilms 

Sugars, lignin and saponin, speed up wound healing and act against inflammations boost the remineralization process of leftover feed and  feces

We only work with the best. The molecular biologist Roland Lueck is THE expert in the field of re-mineralizing salts for aquaria. At this moment, we are proud to present you the finished product SaltyBee gH+ Premium, after years and years of testing together with other great breeders and Aqua Schwarz. All in all, we can say that the products by SaltyBee are a must for every beginning and pro aquarium keeper. They are very easy to use, and they will help you enjoy your little underwater world for a long time thanks to their great effectiveness. You can simply forget about any other additives, the salt covers all your aquarium needs.

550 grams will treat approximately 1300 gallons of water



  • 5
    Great Remineralizer

    Posted by Robert Bloomfield on Feb 1st 2020

    I exclusively use Salty Bee Gh+ Premium now to remineralize my caridina tanks. Dissolves fast and has lots of good stuff in it most salts lack.

  • 5
    Gh+ premium

    Posted by Cody Brown on Jan 28th 2020

    I will never use any other gh+ remineraliser after using this stuff. It dissolves super fast

  • 5
    Best Caridina Salts 2020

    Posted by Shelly Speet on Jan 27th 2020

    This stuff came highly recommended to me, and after giving it a try, it stands up to its reputation. This stuff dissolves super easy and provides my shrimp with all the necessary minerals.

  • 5
    Excellent Remineralizer

    Posted by Barry Hill on Dec 27th 2017

    I was having an issue with my mixed Bees tank. I was losing about one a day and suspected Vibrio for the past few weeks. I was intrigued by the product description of Salty Bee Premium and hoped it was going to help wth my issue. Received it on Dec 21 and did a 20% water changed on my tank and after only 6 days my tank looks stunning and I have not lost a shrimp since starting to use Salty Bee Premium. The tank water is crystal clear and the shrimp are more active.

  • 5
    Population explosion

    Posted by Shrimp king on Nov 26th 2017

    I Couldn't be happier. The best reminerlizer i had seen ever, i had never such crazy population explosion until using the saltybee product