Shrimp Nature Infection

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Improves immunity and has many specially selected anti bacterial ingredients.  Supports the treatment of bacterial infections and food ailments

Ingredients:  Propolis, Androgrophis, Inulin, Thyme, Noni, Goldenrod, Raspberry and Eucalyptus leaves, Goji Berries, Spinach and carotenoids.  25 grams


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    Green med

    Posted by Alan on Jul 31st 2019

    I like this pellet a lot. I had mysterious deaths even with what seemed like proper conditions. A few people on fb groups recommended trying this so I bought it and after a few water changes, started feeding this, and started noticing less and very little deaths at all tbh. I'm pretty sure it wasn't the water changes because I've had this happen before and tried to wait it out after extra wc and still noticed greater amount of deaths, so, when it happened again, I was like nah let's try this instead. So give it a go, I think its worth it. PS: it smells like Chinese medicine

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    yellow explosion

    Posted by bud on Feb 21st 2019

    Shrimp loved it. Didnt realize it would explode and overfed them though. 1 pellet from now on

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    Love This Food!

    Posted by Robin McBride on Dec 31st 2018

    I bought this after having several unexplained shrimp deaths, despite good water quality & params & nothing new added to the tank. Fed INFECTION once & saw no more deaths. It’s a pellet; the outer layer softens as the shrimp scratches on it, dispersing particles of food across the substrate so even the tiniest shrimp can have access to it. I definitely added INFECTION into my shrimp feeding rotation after seeing great results!