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Please check out this link to read all about the Shrimp Nature product line.  Thanks for reading !! Use code IREADIT at checkout for a one time 25% discount on Shrimp Nature Products

Shimp Nature

Cycling a tank the Shrimp Nature way

I decided to write up this blog because the question i am asked most often is how I cycle my tanks.  I cycle my tanks the Shrimp Nature way, There are only 3 products you need: Shrimp Nature Werwa, Bakteria, and Montmorillonite clay.  Whether setting up a tank for Neos, Bees, or Tiger shrimp i [...]

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Starting a Dwarf Shrimp Tank

If you are looking into starting a shrimp tank this article will help you figure out what you will need, and what will help your shrimp colony grow and thrive. There are 2 main genera of freshwater dwarf shrimp; Neocaridina and Caridina. Although similar in body shape and appearance the 2 species will not interbreed, and if the [...]

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Tips For Successfully Breeding OEBT

About 4 years ago I had a 55 gallon tank of live bearing fish like Guppies and Mollies. I was slowly becoming more disinterested in them so I decided to check out Ebay and see what other aquarium critters were out there. I quickly came across cherry shrimp. I did a little research and asked the [...]

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