Shipping & Returns




For shrimp and most other orders we ship Priority mail 1-3 business days.  If you would like ups overnight shipping, please contact us for a quote. 

Shipping will be calculated at checkout.

Please check your email ( spam folder too) for your shipping information in an email from


 We offer full live arrival coverage, minus shipping charges, if the following conditions are met:

 You must receive shrimp on first attempted delivery.


Within 2 hours of stated delivery time, you must send a picture of the unopened bag with the dead shrimp in it to You may be required to send us follow up pictures that we request to receive your full refund.  Do not dispose of any dead shrimp before hearing back from us.

While dead on arrival shrimp are very rare please make sure you follow the guidelines for reporting any losses. We will quickly rectify the situation by choosing at our discretion either to refund you the cost of the missing shrimp, or reshipping at your cost.

We are not responsible for packages being stolen or any other means of you not receiving your package after it has been delivered.  It is your responsibility to retrieve delivered packages in a timely manner.


For any returns or exchanges you must get clearance before sending the item/s back.  please contact us at if you are dissatisfied with our products.