Why buy from us?

We know that it seems like there are endless options of people and companies to buy shrimp from.  Some may have lower prices, but none have the quality and attention to detail we have for our shrimp.   Here are some reasons we feel buying from us is the best choice to make.

1.  I am a professional shrimp breeder,  I cull heavily to guarantee the highest quality shrimp.  We DO NOT simply import shrimp then sell them to the public as fast as possible. While we do import some shrimp we do not just flip them quickly, we inspect and monitor and treat if needed all the shrimp that enter our facility   We have cultivated our shrimp health and quality through years and years of an attention to detail that others simply don't have. 

2.  I have won multiple awards in the USA shrimp competition as well as the International shrimp competition, Including 3 first places and the title of " The best of the best" for the USA shrimp competition in Chicago 2019

3.  I have judged in multiple shrimp competitions in Europe, as well as Judging at the USA shrimp competition in Dallas, Chicago, and Orlando, and The International shrimp competition in New Jersey

4.  Unlike many of our competitors, I am involved in the process in picking and packing your order of shrimp.

5.  We give back to the hobby.  My goal is to grow the hobby by sharing my knowledge freely.  Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions on shrimp keeping, whether you have purchased from me or not.