About us

Buypetshrimp.com has years of experience caring for and raising quality shrimp in Northern California. Our shrimp have won numerous awards and we have been invited to judge numerous shrimp contests.  We have reached the point to be able to share a variety of our shrimp with fellow hobbyists, and people new to shrimp keeping. We DO sell some imported shrimp, and shrimp that were born in our tanks. Most shrimp will be around the ¼- ½ inch range. As they ship and acclimate to their new environment much better. We promise to give a fair mix of sexes if the shrimp are large enough to tell. All shrimp are limited as we only sell what we produce. We will try our best to keep our stock lists and availability updated, but due to circumstances out of our control we reserve the right to cancel orders that we cannot fill.


Please Read: It is the buyers responsibility to verify they have the correct water parameters before buying. Please make sure you have researched and have achieved an ideal environment for the shrimp to not only survive, but thrive. Please use the multitude of resources available online to do your research. If after researching you still have questions, feel free to contact me with questions you may have about the shrimp before your purchase. I am usually available to reply in a timely manner