Posted by Erik Lucas on Feb 15th 2019

Your shrimp just arrived, what should you do?

I decided to write this up because it answers a few questions i often get from customers.  So your shrimp just arrived, what should you do?  First you should have a fully cycled, mature tank …

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Posted by Erik Lucas on Jan 19th 2018

Vin Cycling Method

Vin Cycling MethodMy set up: 9.4 gallon aquarium, HMF, Approximately 3-4 cm of ADA Amazonia topped with 2 cm ADA Amazonia powder.Vin products needed for this method (Complete Vin Product line) …

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Posted by Waldemar Kolecki on Jul 24th 2017

Shrimp Nature product Line

Please check out this link to read all about the Shrimp Nature product line.  Thanks for reading !! Shimp Nature

Posted by Erik Lucas on Mar 23rd 2016

Cycling a tank the Shrimp Nature way

I decided to write up this blog because the question i am asked most often is how I cycle my tanks.  I cycle my tanks the Shrimp Nature way, There are only 3 products you need: Shrimp Nature Werw …

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Posted by ERIK LUCAS on Jun 4th 2015

Starting a Dwarf Shrimp Tank

If you are looking into starting a shrimp tank this article will help you figure out what you will need, and what will help your shrimp colony grow and thrive. There are 2 main genera of freshwate …

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