Montmorillonite Clay 200g

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Montmorillonite Clay  is made from deep ocean minerals, can remove impurities and unwanted smells from the water. It also provides essential minerals and trace elements to shrimp, fish and nitrobacteria. It is highly effective in enhancing shrimp color, increasing survival rate and stabilizing the water.

 Montmorillonite Clay also stabilizes the pH value and prevents dangerous pH plunges. It helps sustain total hardness (GH), improves the water quality as well as the ion exchange capacity and provides for better plant growth and root formation, enhancing photosynthesis and the formation of oxygen. It absorbs noxious substances, makes the water crystal clear and removes odors.

It is normal for the clay to break and crack as it absorbs water in your tank.  To help limit this, please rinse with water a few times and allow to sit for a few minutes between rinsing to slowly absorb the water.


1. Wash off of any dust from the package, and then put directly into tank or filter.
2. There may be some suspended dust particles initially in the water but these are not a problem for water quality. They will settle and contribute do removing impurities and smells.
3. 200g of Mironekuton Mineral per 30 Gallons of water.