Shrimp Envy Food fight 35g

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Shrimp Envy Food Fight is a complete grazing shrimp food. This food uses our awesome complete envy recipe with soy hull and barley that shrimp love to attract them. It contains 100% natural, organic ingredients that your shrimp will love! This is a wholesome blend of mulberry, nettle, dandelion, moringa, kale, spinach, spirulina, chlorella, bee pollen, barley, kelp, alfalfa, wheatgrass, and other wonderful ingredients your shrimp love. There are also important nutrients and minerals such as beta-glucan, calcium, montmorillonite, amino acids, trace minerals, chitin, and probiotics.

This is is a pellet food that is easy to break apart to let you control how much you feed your shrimp. It does take a few seconds to sink, but when it does the food fight will begin. This food also doesn't dissolve very fast so you will not have a mess in your tank.

Feeding instructions: Feed one pellet per 20-30 shrimp, every other day. Break pellets into smaller portions that your shrimp can eat in 2 hours. It is recommended that you start with one small pellet to begin introduction of the food if your shrimp are hesitant of trying new foods. After they decide they like it, you can increase the amount based on the size of your colony. it will leave behind small white snowflake flakes which are fine to leave in the tank. the shrimp will graze on them over time.

Package weight: 35 grams

Guaranteed Analysis: 21.1% protein, 2.13% fat, 19.75% fiber, 10.67% ash(minerals)

Note: Due to the handmade small batch nature of this food, some variation in color, texture and pellet size will occur.