Storm Activator 250 ml concentrated double strength

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Product Name: Storm Activator 250 ml.  DOUBLE STRENGTH, BOTTLE.  

Properties: Contain natural ingredients and helps Nitrification stability. Use with Storm Bacteria for better effects.

Function:Effectively decomposes organic accumulations and reduces pressing impact on shrimps. Help bacteria to breed faster and purify water. Suppresses the breeding of harmful worms like Planaria and Hydra

Usage: Weekly add it and shake well before use; 5 ml of activator for approximately 25 gallons of tank water. Use with Storm Bacteria and Ecological Bacteria Group together for better effects.  Avoid direct sunlight.


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    Storm Activator

    Posted by Susan M on Jul 23rd 2020

    This works really well with the other Storm products! Even helps suppress those annoying detritus worms! Will buy more!

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    Posted by Phil Scott on Feb 1st 2020

    My tanks have never been doing better since I have been using this with my water changes. My only recommendation is that you use this version on tanks 10 gal and up. Anything under that its harder to get the correct dosage. Go with the regular strength if you have 10 gal or less tank.

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    Great product

    Posted by Keri Goodman on Jan 31st 2020

    Anything that decomposes organic junk in the tank and helps keep the water as clear as possible is hugely important in my book. I use this product when cycling a tank and also at every water change.

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    recommend this

    Posted by Brian Chan on Jan 27th 2020

    I have tried the Vin Cycling Method that can be found on this site and followed it to a T. its worked to help cycle tanks safely to keep caridinas. i dont know if this is really 2x better than the less concentrated version, but hopefully it is since its a better value if you only need have the dose.