Bloody Mary Neocaridina

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Beautiful, Happy, Healthy Bloody Mary shrimp.  

Neocaridina shrimp are the most popular type of colorful shrimp found in aquariums. Their vivid colors along with their relative ease to keep and breed make them a favorite of both new and older hobbyists.

The parameters we keep them at are approximately PH 7.0, TDS 250, GH 8-10, KH 3-6. They will survive and thrive in a wide range of water conditions. These conditions are often met by simply using your local tap water and treating with a dechlorinator.

Shrimp are peaceful scavengers that do best in tanks with only shrimp. While your fish may not actively harass/eat them, at least early on, shrimp will tend to hide when they see a fish they are unsure of overhead. Shrimp will spend most of their time foraging on the bottom of the tank, on decorations like wood and stone, and on plants and mosses. It is very important to not overfeed them as this can cause your water quality to deteriorate.   Only feed them as much as they will consume in 2 hours. Any leftover food after that time should be removed.  


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    Bloody Mary

    Posted by Daniel Fish on Oct 30th 2023

    I was referred to this site by a fellow shrimp enthusiast and as a first time shrimp buyer breaking into the shrimp keeping hobby, my experience has been exceptionally positive. From shipping to receiving it was a smooth process, shrimp arrived well packaged and healthy! Look forward to placing my next order. A week after receiving, all shrimp are grazing away living their best lives.

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    Bloody Mary Shrimp

    Posted by Ben Carson on Apr 17th 2023

    Best quality shrimp I’ve ever bought

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    Order of 20 bloody mary neos

    Posted by Jeanne on Nov 14th 2022

    My order came in very well packed and insulated. All 20 plus 2 bonus shrimp were healthy and active. Good mix of males and females, all gorgeous and high quality.

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    Bloody Marry Shrimp

    Posted by Adam Socolof on Aug 29th 2022

    Overall pretty happy with my order. One shrimp out of 10 was DoA, and one was pretty clear instead of that deep red color. Besides that all of the shrimp have been thriving and looking great!

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    Bloody Mary

    Posted by Grier on Jun 21st 2022

    So far so good! It’s been a week and Shrimp seem to be thriving so far. I did not enjoy the packaging, hard to keep the cotton bedding contained without ending up everywhere. other than that I would recommend this seller.

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    Bloody Mary Neo’s

    Posted by Tmac on Dec 4th 2021

    Great service, prompt shipping , well packed and healthy and beautiful shrimp. Can’t ask for more!

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    High Quality Bloody Mary Shrimp

    Posted by Eric on Aug 20th 2021

    I've had Bloody Mary shrimp already, but wanted to ensure I had some higher quality genetics so I purchased some to see. Sure enough, they're of a higher quality than the ones I already had. Deep rich color. Can tell that Erik has some high standards for his line of Bloody Mary shrimp. They're all alive and extremely active. Couldn't ask for more.

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    Quick shipping and quality shrimp

    Posted by James on May 7th 2020

    Shipping was super fast, everyone arrived alive, and all looked great!